Rules & Regulation

Academic Regulations

Instructions For The Students (Academic Rules)
2. All students are to carry their “IDENTITY CARDS” when they remain in the academy.
2. All students are to attend classes in clean well dressed with their identity card.
Students? dresses will be as follows:
Primary Section: Boys:
Secondary Section: Boys:
College Section: Boys:
2. Indecent, fancy dress, untidy hair are not allowed.
2. Pasting of posters on the walls of the academy building and/or hanging posters in the academy premises are prohibited. These are considered as acts of indiscipline and the concerned student will be liable to punishment.
5. All types of demonstrations, processions, shoutings in the academy premises are prohibited and students involved in these are liable to be expelled from the academy.
6. Abstinence from the classes individually or in group or in a mass without permission are punishable. Guardians will be informed of such acts of their wards.
7. On admission into the academy the students’ parents/guardians will have to sign an undertaking that their ward will abide by the rules and regulations of the academy. Any violation of the academy rules and discipline are liable to punishment or even cancellation of their studentship.
8. Every student shall posses all the prescribed text Books, necessary instruments, etc. The academy will not provide these to the students.
9. Cost of loss/damage to academy property by the student is liable to be realised from the concerned student.
20.Political activities by any student is not permitted.
22.The student must inform the academy authority the current mailing address, telephone number etc of his/her parents/guardians.