Chairman’s Message

Chairman’s Message

chairmanThis academy is the creation of Khan Bahadur Mohammed Chowdhury (Late) and I have been intimately connected with it for a long period. My support for it has always been unconditional and obvious.

The founder established this academy not for any financial rewards or worldly honour but for the benefit of the nation in general and of the province in particular. The purpose of establishment of the academy is to provide education to build up an educated and enlightened province.

I feel happy to be able to contribute in the website of M.C. Academy (School & College), Golapgonj, Sylhet. The progress and prosperity of it has become almost a passion of mine. I hope our effort to open a website will help our students and concerns providing support and information. Though our academy is situated in a rural area, we want to introduce IT based modern method of teaching and learning. The present government is trying to build up a “Digital Bangladesh”. I think opening the website purchasing our own domain will be a revolutionary step and this will serve the purpose of our government to build up “Digital Bangladesh”.

Coordinated effort and determination of the teachers, students and all others involved in the affairs of the academy are required to achieve these objectives. So I request all concerns to respond my noble and holy calling to make our mission successful. I send my best wishes to the academy.

Sirajul Jabbar Chowdhury