Principal’s Message

Principal’s Message

Bangladesh, a developing country is burdened with so many problems. Illiteracy is one of them. So education is a prerequisite to attain sustainable development of the country.M_A_Chy

Education needs to be reached to the door steps of teaming millions to accomplish this gigantic task of development. This can only be done by establishing more educational institution both in public and private initiative and entrepreneurship.

The academy was established with a view to building up an educated province. It is now a full-fledged higher secondary institution. It was affiliated with Kolkata University. All the departments and sections are well equipped and well staffed with highly qualified and experienced teachers. The academy is housed in several number of buildings in a picturesque location having adequate accommodation for general and practical classes of various subjects. It has an auditorium and a rich library. The academy has various clubs and organizations which are playing a great rule in developing the latent talent of the students.

The academy is run under a governing body. The management, administration and academic activities of the academy is vested on the governing body which is the supreme body to manage the affairs of the academy.

In the transformation from a modest beginning to an apex institution of learning this academy received help from many individuals. I express my thanks and gratitude to them.

Finally I must express my gratitude to the glorious memory of late Khan Bahadur Mohammad Chowdhury, the founder of this academy. We recall his relentless efforts and dedication in the establishment and development of this academy. We pray for the eternal peace of his departed soul. At the end I express my best wishes to all.

Monsur Ahmed Chowdhury